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Affordable Holistic Care Directory 

Whether it calls itself conventional or holistic, healthcare must be accessible for all.  Unfortunately, most Americans cannot afford to regularly receive  fee-for-service holistic healthcare as it is typically practiced today, particularly in this difficult economic climate.

Published in 2009-2010 in collaboration with the non-profit Integrative Medicine Alliance, the Affordable Holistic Care Directory seeks to make complementary/alternative medical care accessible to all by publicizing innovative cost-cutting practices, volunteerism, and compassionate pricing in holistic care throughout New England.  The directory features acupuncturists, bodyworkers, energy healers and other holistic caregivers who are providing free care or who are accepting $35 or less for their services, as well as classes (e.g. yoga, t'ai chi) that cost less than $10 per session.

The Rhode Island Directory
A Rhode Island directory of affordable holistic care has been published as a downloadable brochure at: www. integrativemedalliance.org/ Affordable_RI.pdf   If you live in a Rhode Island I encourage you to download and distribute it.

The New England Directory 

A directory for the rest of New England is now online at: http://www.integrativemedalliance.org/find_affordablecare.html

We are grateful to the assistance of three Brown University undergraduate interns, Kevin Liou, Richard Stein, and Angela Wong, in developing this project.

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