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Why CCRI Has RI's Best Massage School

Yes, I teach there, you can call me biased, but I know quality teaching when I see it and CCRI's program is hands down the best in the state for massage therapy.  I offer  five reasons below, but please visit their website and see for yourself.  If you live in Rhode Island, you'd be foolish to go to any other massage school in the state:

1. CCRI has the only Therapeutic Massage Program in the state that is accredited through the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation.  Only the highest quality massage programs in the country are allowed this accreditation (Sorry, Lincoln Tech!).

2. As a state school, CCRI provides an affordable, high-quality education for under $10,000, while other local schools start from $12,000-$14,000.  (Why people go to these other schools and pay more for a lesser education is beyond me!).

3. CCRI graduates are ranked top in the country on national licensure examinations.  It has 100% pass rate for first-time testers, while the state average is 75%.  So if you get in, it's almost a guarantee you'll pass the massage licensing exam, their curriculum is that good!

4. CCRI has the only Associate Degree granting program in Rhode Island for Therapeutic Massage, and credits earned at CCRI have the potential to be transferred to a four-year university--unlike most massage schools out there, whose courses do not transfer.

5. CCRI is the only therapeutic massage program in Rhode Island that offers full range of intensive bodywork training--deep tissue, shiatsu, and sports massage.  Its graduates go onto work at medical centers, spas, and private practice.  They've got what it takes to offer great  bodywork.

Want to know more about this great school?  Email dwatson@ccri.edu to get an information pack.



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