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Boston's Holistic Past: A Walking Tour

What can we learn from uncovering a neighborhood’s forgotten healthcare past?

Boston is well recognized as world-class center for conventional medical research, education and clinical practice.  But what many popular histories of medicine neglect to tell is how, a century ago, allopathic medical doctors were only one of many healing modalities on offer to the public, among them homeopathy, naturopathy, Christian Science treatment, and herbal medicine.

I propose developing, for both medical audiences and the general public, an educational walking tour of Boston’s historic South End, home of the once homeopathic Boston University School of Medicine and the Massachusetts Homeopathic Hospital (now known as Boston Medical Center).  We will observe architectural evidence of these two institutions’ homeopathic beginnings, seek out the site of a former pharmacy, and note the homes of doctors and spiritual healers of the era.  By encountering this medical neighborhood's holistic past, we hope to better understand present-day healthcare and issues in integrative medicine.

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