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Choices Program

We must empower young people to become engaged citizens capable of addressing international issues through thoughtful public discourse and informed decision making.   For over 20 years, the Choices Program has made this work its mission.

In 1988, Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies teamed me up with education expert Susan Graseck to develop educational applications from innovative research and policy development work on public attitudes towards the Cold War.

Since that time, under Graseck's leadership Choices has published dozens of curriculum units on various themes using the choices approach, in which a set of expert-vetted alternatives focus students on fundamental policy questions.  Choices also runs student forums and teaching institutes applying this unique methodology.  

During the early years of Choices, I wrote The Public, the Soviets, and Nuclear Arms, its first secondary school curriculum unit, as well as The US Role in a Changing World, now in its fourth edition, which presents students with grand strategy options for US foreign policy.  

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