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Community Shiatsu: Affordable Bodywork for All

Give a person a shiatsu treatment, and you have helped them for today.  Teach people how to treat one another, and you help them for a lifetime…

Just as the community acupuncture movement has shown how to sharply reduce the cost of acupuncture, I am developing and promoting “community shiatsu,” a new form of shiatsu massage therapy that provides the same benefits as traditional shiatsu sessions but for half the cost.

In community shiatsu, couples or a pair of family members enjoy a one-hour session with the therapist, which includes a brief treatment/diagnosis for each person followed by specific but simple instructions on how to give follow-up shiatsu/acupressure treatments on each other. Clients are encouraged to return in one month’s time for a health reassessment and to receive instructions on further hands-on care.

Since two clients can be seen at once, costs can be reduced dramatically, to a sliding scale of $15-$25 per client.  Not only does this make shiatsu far more affordable, but it also empowers clients to help others.  This means more people getting well faster and at less cost.  It is only through these kinds of innovations that holistic healthcare can approach its socially transformative potential.

Email me for more information or to book your community shiatsu session.

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