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Finding Great Caregivers

"Karlo has an extraordinary knowledge of individual healthcare practitioners and the way in which a variety of therapies can be fit together to solve specific clinical issues."
-- Harvey Zarren, MD, FACC (Founder, The Healing Connection, North Shore Medical Center, Lynn, Massachusetts)

I help people across America find holistic or integrative care solutions to their health and wellness needs.  I connect people to talented holistic physicians in their area,  and I help people with illnesses that have not responded well to conventional care identify suitable holistic or integrative healing approaches and qualified caregivers to consider.

Practitioner Finder Services

As founder of New England’s largest non-profit integrative healthcare network, I will connect you to the region’s most talented and experienced holistic and integrative healthcare practitioners.  Just name the healthcare profession and your particular needs, and I will identify the appropriate caregivers for you.

Whole Health Navigation

If you have an ailment or just want to stay well, I will help you identify the right paths to healing that best address your needs, and the right caregivers who can help you on your way.  After a confidential health  interview, you will receive a report detailing which healing approaches might best help you towards your health goals, and recommended caregivers to work with you in coordination with your doctor.

Comprehensive Care Management

If you or a loved one is facing a complex and serious medical condition, my consultancy can help you, in partnership with the talented team of doctors, nurses, and health experts at Lynx Collaborative Care Network.  We can map out your treatment history, medical options, and key questions to ask your doctors.  We can  find the right MDs to diagnose and treat your illness, explore what alternative therapies might best help you, and make sure all your caregivers correctly understand your healthcare picture and are working as a team.  We can even organize an online discussion or a teleconference for you and all your caregivers to ensure that everyone is working in harmony to get you well. 

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