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Integrative Medicine Alliance

In order to heal our planet, we must heal ourselves.  And in order to heal ourselves, we must heal our healthcare system.  This requires that conventional and holistic caregivers reach out to one another and work together in more integrative ways.

From 1999 to 2007 I founded and coordinated the Integrative Medicine Alliance (IMA), a Boston-based non-profit that fosters networking, dialogue, education and collaboration between conventional and complementary/alternative medicine practitioners in order to deepen the quality of the human experience of healthcare.

Under my leadership, the IMA established the the Mobile Clinic for Caregivers, which has introduced hundreds of conventional healthcare students and professionals to bodywork, acupuncture, energy healing, and other holistic modalities.  The IMA also launched an online newsletter, a membership, and an Online Distant Healing Clinic, and held a series of workshops that brought together key integrative and holistic healthcare stakeholders throughout New England for networking and collaboration.

Today, under the presidency of Dr. Harvey Zarren, the IMA continues to publish its newsletter, run Mobile Clinics, and hold educational/networking meetings that bring together greater Boston's integrative medicine community.

"The IMA was and is a ground breaking organization because it formally brought together allopathic and holistic practitioners for the first time in meaningful dialogue."--Kristen Porter, Executive Director, Pathways to Wellness, Boston, MA

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