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Medical School Student Dialogue on Integrative Healthcare

How should allopathic medicine respond to the values embodied in holistic models of health and healing?  Far more than determining whether or particular herb or therapy is efficacious or not, this question should be paramount for all those seeking to become physicians today.

Between 1998 and 2008 I facilitated a series of dialogues for medical students and pre-meds on the future relationship between allopathic and holistic healthcare.  Applying the "choices approach" developed at Brown University’s Choices Program, I presented groups with a set of alternative future scenarios for healthcare in 20 years time.  The scenarios are not a predictive exercise, but a framework for grappling with these tough questions: How legitimate is holistic healthcare?  How much, if at all, should it integrate with allopathic healthcare?  Is the allopathic model ultimately sustainable?

The dialogues were held for students of Boston University Medical School, Harvard Medical School, Brown University (pre-med), and Harvard University (pre-med).

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