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About Karlo Berger

I am a bridge builder.  Throughout my career I have innovatively brought together people and ideas in ways that promote healing and a more just and sustainable world.  

I am co-founder of the Rhode Island Holistic and Integrative Healthcare Leadership Network.  I also co-founded and co-directed  Integrative Medicine at Brown, a forum at Brown University for interdisciplinary collaboration in integrative medicine.  Additionally, I founded and led the Boston-based Integrative Medicine Alliance, and was also a founding board member of  the Rhode Island Birth Network.

Over the years, I have worked in the fields of integrative healthcare, community development, education, international security, and the environment.  My employers have included the Lynx Collaborative Care Network, the Watson Institute for International Studies, Saferworld, Choices for Bristol, and the UN Earth Summit.  I am a 1986 cum laude graduate of Brown University. 

I also practice shiatsu and integrative massage at my private practice in Providence, Rhode Island.  I teach introduction to massage, shiatsu, acupressure and traditional Chinese medicine to massage students at the Community College of Rhode Island and to the wider community.  I live in Providence, Rhode Island with my wife Annie Gjelsvik, my daughter Astrid, and my son Leif.

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"Karlo has the rare quality of being highly intelligent, creative, and interdisciplinary in his understanding of healing modalities, interfacing with the public, and working with the mindset of a visionary. In a nutshell: knowledgeable, practical, fun to work with, inspiring and on top of it."--Hannah Burr, Life Coach

"I believe Karlo to be a visionary. His compassion and wish to help others has led him to create a number of organizations which help link up those in need with those who can help. I believe him to have incredible organizational skills and motivation to accomplish all that he has."--Linda Hogan, Writer, Alternative Healing Practitioner

"Karlo Berger stands tall and lean, talking animatedly. Ideas snap with precision, passion and deep reflection as he converses about how to create a sustainable health-care system based on holistic principles. The ideas parallel his efforts to integrate his work as a shiatsu (acupressure) practitioner and trainer and as an activist helping people understand our need for and capability to transform our culture toward sustainability."--Karina Lutz, ecoRI News

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