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Integrating Eastern and Western Healthcare

In our increasingly globalized healthcare landscape, can we develop effective hybrid healing modalities that integrate different understandings of health and healing from across the world?

As the shiatsu teacher for the Community College of Rhode Island's Program in Massage Therapy, I have developed a curriculum that integrates core principles and practices of Japanese Zen Shiatsu therapy into Swedish massage.  My 90 hour "Practice of Shiatsu" course explores how to apply traditional Chinese medicine and Shiatsu philosophy, body mechanics, diagnostic approaches, and meridian and acupoint theory to the practice of oiled table massage.

I have further explored this form of East-West healthcare integration in trainings to Licensed Massage Therapists and other healthcare professionals, and now offer a range of workshops and classes on integrating shiatsu with massage as well as nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.  Trainings range from 3 hour introductory workshops, to 12 hour two day workshops, to a more comprehensive 30 hour course.

Approaches I teach include: adapting mat-based manual techniques for the massage/examination table, effleuraging along the meridian lines, and seamlessly weaving acupressure into muscular therapy and other caregiving.  The goal of my teaching is for students to draw on eastern medical principles and practice in order to provide more diverse, ergonomic, and clinically effective treatments on their particular client population.

For more details on upcoming trainings, visit my Talks and Workshops page.

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