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Public Voice International

Healthy democracies continually develop new approaches for making their peoples’ voices heard.  When we introduce these approaches to other democracies, we can create exciting new cross-fertilizations that enrich community dialogue, planning, and problem-solving.

In 1994, social entrepreneur Matthew Pike and I co-founded Public Voice International (PVI), a small non-profit research and education organization that introduced to the UK from the US new ways of involving citizens in shaping their future.

In addition to promoting the Choices for Britain model of youth civic dialogue to UK schools, PVI wrote background materials for a national deliberative public poll on Britain’s role in the EU and promoted study circles in the UK, among other work.  PVI also launched the Choices for Bristol community visioning initiative, drawing on American innovations.  PVI ceased its activities in 1996 when I returned to the US and Matthew was hired to direct the Scarman Trust.

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