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Ecology and Touch: Applying Interbeing to the Practice of Shiatsu Therapy

The goal of this shiatsu approach is to support healing by facilitating the receiver’s body-mind experience of the truth of their interexistence with Earth and all living beings, and as a result to create space for receiver to have a healthier relationship with Earth and all living beings. 

For those unacquainted with the concept of Interbeing, I recommend first reading this brief text on the simple truth of interexistence by the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hahn.

Below are four clinical strategies for applying Interbeing to the practice of shiatsu.  They are intended for exploration and application by experienced practitioners of shiatsu, massage and other forms of bodywork, and by students under the guidance of a teacher.

 Transpose the landscape onto the receiver.

Transpose the Earth onto the receiver.

Work the Five Elements in the context of both the receiver and the Earth.

Give the treatment while meditating on and experiencing interbeing. 


In my experience, this requires a lot of focus and grounding to simultaneously be mindful of working the client and exploring Interbeing.  Although it may not be yours.

I welcome your comments and thoughts on the use and efficacy of this approach.

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