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Current Projects

Ecology and Touch: An Inquiry Into "Conservation Somatics"
As one who is interested both in the power of human touch and in the healing of our biosphere, I am exploring their intersection in "conservation somatics": the practice of touch-based and other body-oriented therapies in supporting behavioral changes necessary to address local and global environmental problems.  In particular....(more)

Towards Global Medicine: Integrating Eastern and Western Healthcare
As the shiatsu teacher for the Community College of Rhode Island's Program in Therapeutic Massage, I have developed a 90-hour curriculum that integrates core principles and practices of Japanese Zen Shiatsu therapy into Swedish massage...(more)

Community Shiatsu: Affordable Bodywork for All
Just as the community acupuncture movement has shown how to sharply reduce the cost of acupuncture, I am developing and promoting “community shiatsu,” a new form of shiatsu massage therapy that provides the same benefits as traditional shiatsu sessions but for half the cost....(more)

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