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Past Projects

Integrative Medicine @ Brown
From 2009 to 2012 I co-founded and co-directed Integrative Medicine at Brown, a forum at Brown University for interdisciplinary collaboration in integrative medicine...(more)

Affordable Holistic Care Directory 

Published in 2009-2010 in collaboration with the Integrative Medicine Alliance, the Affordable Holistic Care Directory seeks to make complementary/alternative medical care accessible to all by publicizing innovative cost-cutting practices...(more)

Integrative Flu Pandemic Preparedness
From 2006 to 2009 I offered a series of workshops for holistic caregivers on how best to prepare for pandemic flu from an integrative healthcare perspective. The trainings provided up-to-date information and expert clinical advice from both a conventional...(more)

Integrative Medicine Alliance
From 1999 to 2007 I founded and coordinated the Integrative Medicine Alliance (IMA), a Boston-based non-profit that fosters networking, dialogue, education and collaboration between conventional and complementary/alternative medicine practitioners...(more)

Medical School Student Dialogue on Integrative Healthcare
Between 1998 and 2008 I facilitated a series of dialogues for medical students and pre-meds on the future relationship between allopathic and holistic healthcare.  Applying the "choices approach" developed at Brown University...(more)

Can People Heal Art?  An Art "Opening"
If art can heal people, can people heal art?  This is the question I explored with artist Ana Prvacki in “Art ‘Opening’,” a 1997 experimental performance piece in New York City...(more)

The Purification of La Perrera
In 1996 the Santiago, Chile arts and music collaborative “arte de communicación” invited me to design a purification ceremony for the Cultural Center of Experimental Art “La Perrera”.  Formerly a dog slaughterhouse, it was said that...(more)

Choices for Bristol
From 1994 to 1996 I founded and coordinated Choices for Bristol, a community visioning project for Bristol England, Britain’s tenth largest city.  Inspired by similar efforts in Chattanooga and New Haven, Choices for Bristol asked citizens...(more)

Public Voice International
In 1994, social entrepreneur Matthew Pike and I co-founded Public Voice International, a small non-profit research and education organization that introduced to the UK from the US new ways of involving citizens in shaping their future...(more)

Choices for Britain
Inspired by the Choices Program, in 1992 I founded and led Choices for Britain, a pilot project of the peace and security organization Saferworld.  Choices for Britain asked nearly 3,000 high-school aged students in the greater Bristol, England area...(more)

Choices Program
In 1988, Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies teamed me up with education expert Susan Graseck to develop educational applications from innovative research and policy development work on public attitudes towards the Cold War...(more)

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