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have written extensively on holistic and integrative medicine topics for a variety of print and on-line publications, including American Public Health Association's Alternative and Complementary Health Practices SPIG Newsletter, the Massachusetts Association of Health Board's Journal of Local Public Health, Natural Awakenings Magazine, the Rhode Island Health & Wellness Guide, OfSpirit.com, and the Integrative Medicine Alliance Newsletter.

Can We Heal the FDA?


For Holistic Caregivers

Does Your Holistic Healthcare Practice "Walk the Walk" on Climate Change?
Help Your Clients Through First-Class Referrals
Why Reaching Out to Fellow Caregivers is Good for You

For Boards of Health
An Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Health Boards (MS Word doc)
Recruiting Emergency Healthcare Volunteers from the CAM Community


Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit
Holistic Approaches to Fertility and a Healthy Pregnancy
Holistic Health for Children
Tone Your Body, Tone Your Mind
Jogging, Bodybuilding and Aerobics the Holistic Way
Movies that Heal: Cinematherapy Classics

Healthy Places
Making Your Home a Healing Haven
Boston's Greatest Outdoor Healing Spaces
Free Holistic Escapes in Boston

Healthy Lifestyle
Holistic Help for New Dads
Holistic Eating for Beginners
Happy Holistic Winter Holidays
Holistic Holidays for America: If I Were in Charge
Holistic Design: In Praise of A Pattern Language

On Caregivers and Caregiving
Heroic Women Healers: an ABC
How to Get a Fabulous Massage: Advice from the Experts
How to Find a Great Practitioner of Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Tuina and Other Asian Bodywork Therapies


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