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Project Ideas Under Consideration

Below are project  ideas that excite me and that I have considered developing.  I have not yet taken the step of evaluating their viability, and perhaps some are already being implemented (or laughed at!)  I list them here to give you as sense of  the kind of work that excites me.

Please email me and tell me what you think about any of them:

The People's Apothecary: Has the time come for a pharmaceutical company that embodies many of the values of holistic healthcare? (more)

Red Sox Mahabharata: When we cross-fertilize two profoundly "eastern" and "western" stories and performance forms, what strange and wonderful hybrids can emerge? (more)

Boston's Holistic Past: A Walking Tour: What can we learn from uncovering a neighborhood's forgotten healthcare past? (more

University Alumni Meditation Retreats: Collaborate with a university to pilot an alumni mindfulness meditation retreat to immediately precede its alumni reunion weekend: themes of the retreat could include revisiting the past while living in the present, being content with who you are right now, practicing the values embodied in a university education, and developing solutions to social, political and environmental problems.

Envisioning Post-Carbon Healthcare:  Explore what web of conventional and holistic health and wellness practices could best deliver high-quality, low-cost healthcare to communities in a post-carbon society.  This project would involve interdisciplinary analysis of the carbon footprints of a range of healthcare modalities, an emphasis on "green" preventive care, and modeling "smart" interaction among conventional caregivers, holistic caregivers, and lay-caregivers.  A key goal would be to launch a pilot healthcare initiative derived from these findings.

Herbalist Support to Medical Marijuana Patients: Establish a state-funded partnership between professional herbalists and health departments in states that permit medical marijuana use that would provide free herbalist consults to medical marijuana users in order to reduce unwanted side-effects from marijuana use and, if possible, to help users transition to more effective and less controversial herbal remedies.

Wellness Finder Smartphone Application: Work with smartphone programmers and health informatics specialists to create an open source, GPS-enabled smartphone app that would interface GoogleMaps with conventional and holistic online professional directories, state/municipal parks and rec resource listings, and yellow pages, so as to allow users to quickly locate caregivers, parks, pools, fitness clubs, places of worship, YMCAs, and wellness centers are in their vicinity.

A Guide to Welcoming the Blind to Shiatsu Schools: In acknowledgement  that shiatsu therapy in part emerged from a form of massage traditionally practiced exclusively by the blind in Japan, build bridges between activists in the American blind community and American shiatsu schools in order to raise consciousness of the shiatsu profession's debt to the blind and to create a guide for shiatsu school personnel, written by blind activists, on how to recruit, welcome, and teach (and teacher train) visually impaired shiatsu students.

Battlefield Acupressure Training: In light of the growing acceptance of acupuncture in the US Army as a useful modality for battlefield medics, establish a learning partnership between servicemen, medics, acupuncturists, and acupressurists to develop a basic teaching protocol of useful acupressure points for immediate pain and stress relief on the battlefield, which (unlike acupuncture) could be practiced by all personnel and under conditions when needling is unadvisable.

Wii Virtual Keyboard Application to Reduce RSI:  To help address the worldwide epidemic of repetitive strain injuries caused by long hours sitting at the keyboard, work with a team of programmers, ergonomists, and integrative caregivers to design and develop a new software application for the Ninendo Wii in which the user, donning special gloves, would "virtually type" on the computer screen, thus greatly reducing the need for keyboarding; instead, a series of computer-guided preliminary ergonomic exercises would help users find a physical position that would enable hours of comfortable virtual typing while producing minimal musculoskeletal strain (and ideally help condition their muscles and joints).

Computer-Assisted Feedback for Bodyworkers: Drawing on insights from the fields of neurofeedback, biofeedback, and Heartmath, build a knowledge network of programmers, designers, and bodyworkers to produce a simple and affordable electronic monitoring device to be worn by receivers of bodywork that could provide caregivers with real-time quantitative feedback on stress and pain reduction, so as to enable bodyworkers-in-training and the general public to give more effective massage/bodywork sessions.

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